Sunday, 3 February 2013

Day 34 : hmmm, yes, don't ask!

Frui have set another weekend challenge for us to ponder and then submit to their Facebook page. Last weekend it was Summer, this provoked me to be transfixed by the fortunately blue sky on Sunday and dream of exotic flights of fancy. Others choose afternoon tea, sunbathing butternut squashes or tantalising sunrises. But this week the theme is “sexy”. Yes indeed, and that’s open to any interpretation. I had thought I'd try some up close and personal photographs of my lovely Leica but I'm guessing not everyone feels the same about my camera as I do!

In the end it was just easier to go for “self-portrait”, or a little piece of self portrait. I was aiming for subtle hint rather than in-your-face full-frontal.

I didn't have a lot of competition, well to be more accurate I could have miss counted but I'm pretty sure I was the solitary entrant so huge surprise...I won! It is rather nice to win even if the severely depleted field made it somewhat a foregone conclusion. The Hobson’s Choice award perhaps. How bad would it have been if they’d been only me submitting a picture and then coming second. Ultimate shame! Perhaps next week they’ll be more takers and hence a real competition!


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