Friday, 30 August 2013

Day 242 : NOT NOR MAL!

When I showed my submission for the MINI Not Normal challenge around, I had quite a few people looking a little dubious and questioning my composition. As soon as someone pointed out that maybe, just possibly my photograph was a teeny, tiny bit suggestive; that the banana, the juxtaposition of the oranges could be construed just a tad phallic, I could kind of see what they meant. And then that's all I could see. I had already uploaded it to the MINI site so just crossed my fingers they wouldn't think it was a tad too PG to include in their collection.

I didn't hear anything from MINI but when I checked the NOT NORMAL site earlier, I was delighted that it had indeed made the cut. And very sensibly MINI had executed some discretion, judiciously cropping my image to remove most of the offending symbology, tighten the composition and given it a complementary yellow border.

I got such a buzz seeing my photograph there on the MINI website, it might not mean anything in particular but it makes me feel so inexplicably proud. And frankly a little relieved they edited something that may have raised a few more eyebrows. I think I passed the NOT NORMAL test, now there's an accolade!


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