Sunday, 4 August 2013

Day 216 : a final taste français

Tomorrow it’s back to work, that’s when you know your holiday is really over. And I'm not quite ready for that reality yet. I am still clinging onto the last vestiges of the France imbued calm and hankering for a little French food so when AL suggested we meet in Richmond for and end-of-the-weekend dinner so I voted for Chez Lindsay. I'd set my heart on their Moules à la St. Malo, it has a delicious creamy sauce that just cries out by some mopping up with the freshly baked baguette. I'd been thwarted on my last visit so fingers crossed this time. However it appears that the seafood gods weren't on my side again, Lindsay had to inform me that they weren't delighted with the latest delivery of mussels, they thought they were undersized and some are gritty.

I decide to take the risk. It’s true they aren't quite as fabulous as usual but still a tasty starter. And chased by a fine Breton galette with queenie scallops and leeks.

I used to really only take pictures of food. I have tried to diversify since starting this blog but mussels are a special favourite subject of mine. I love the contrast of the black, the vivid orange with the splashes of white - just like a tiger!?


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