Friday, 16 August 2013

Day 228 : the bat cave

I'm clearly in an architectural mood. Yesterday was the Shard and today a revisit to a much smaller building not so far away from our meal last night. We’d spotted this shiny, black structure whilst photographing around Shad Thames and More London one Sunday early last year and decided it was a Bat Cave or Batdog’s lair (if you haven't checked out the “texts” from Dog, you must, they are seriously funny).

Since then I've got to know this building better, from the inside as well, they've been my client (I've only recently handed them over my colleague) and also taken some cool photos of their map of the world made out of miniature people (much bigger than mine).

Apparently their professional services competitors refer to their London headquarters “the Dark Star”, which is fabulously Bond villain-esque! I like the fact if you stand just right, with the of the front of the building reflecting in the right side and look up, you can see a bat. I really think it might be a lair after all!


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