Monday, 5 August 2013

Day 217 : back-to-work greys

I'm not in the most buoyant of moods. It's Monday, it’s horribly early for a night owl like me and I'm back at the station waiting to recommence the daily commute after a fortnight holiday. I'm stood at the end of the platform waiting to board the front of the train. It's not a promising start to the day, the sky looks black and ominous apart from the little optimistic yellow patch on the horizon, quite possibly a metaphor for the day ahead. I've seen my emails, there are a hideous amount of them, and some certainly look like they'll be time consuming to resolve.

The highlight of today will be catching up with my friends on my team and in the office but the outlook for the rest of the day, like the sky, doesn't look too hot. Instead I suspect it will be dark, stormy and terribly depressing. I have succumbed to the back-the-work blues or even greys!


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