Friday, 23 August 2013

Day 235 : night terrors!

Each day when I cross Waterloo Bridge on the way home I feel the urge to photograph the view. I want it to be dark so I can maximise the twinkling lights and I definitely want the OXO Tower to feature. I'm not the only one here, there are several people lined up along the bridge holding their cameras aloft. I've got a tiny Manfrotto tripod in my handbag (doesn’t everyone?) so I can aim for decent night shot. After a few of those I fancy a bit of something creative and went handheld. My plan was to see if when I shake my head gently from side-to-side I could get an interesting stripey image.

It needed a few attempts, I didn't want the skyline so abstract that it was indiscernible. A couple of the photographs looked like I’d fallen over clutching my camera but I liked this one.

Today I signed up for last spot at the London Photo Festival in October. I have to submit my entries by the beginning of September. Eek! The themes are either Black & White or Night and I've no idea what on earth I'm going to show.



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