Saturday, 10 August 2013

Day 222 : incurring the wrath of the door police!

This is a popular photogenic spot in Richmond after doing the river and bridge shots, I even have someone else’s less vibrant version as a magnet stuck on my fridge.

When I travelled to Berlin on my first Frui holiday, back in April 2011, LA had mentioned that he and FG were very scathing about the predilection for “doors and windows” photography so many of the holidaymakers adopted, especially on the Morocco trip. It is undeniably a popular (and clearly commercial) theme for travel photography but especially as LA is more a street, reportage and a would-be war photographer, the concept of photographing a door must be beyond alien.

I’ll admit it’s a certain cliché, I may have a few examples of my own but, fearless of incurring the serious photographers’ wrath, I will confess that I think these doors are rather striking! So say what you like LA!


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