Friday, 2 August 2013

Day 214 : my pocket french woman!

I was able to score a few new sparkly trinkets from my holiday in France, a huge shock for anyone who knows my predilection, but this has to be the most unusual and appropriate. I'd spotted this jewellery shop, which I’m generally drawn to like a magpie to shiny things, very shuttered up, whilst making my way through the torrential rain to the Entrecôte restaurant in Lyon. After a very fine steak frites et al I returned, pressing my nose against the glass this unusual pendant caught my eye and I vowed to revisit the next day to examine further.

I love the fact she is wearing a tiny knitted sparkly suit, just like a little Chanel bouclé number, plus it has teeny pearl buttons. She is carrying, as I suspect every chic Frenchwoman should, a handbag shaped liked a cat, complete with green eyes!

On the Monday, I made this shop my first port of call and was able to secure her for my burgeoning collection. She was in the sale with 50% off also - so it would have been rude not to! She came dangling on a long gold coloured chain which I have swapped for a long silver one, more me. She is so very elegant, when she dangles her legs cross decorously at her ankles, ah, a lesson to us all, and clearly very photogenic!


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