Saturday, 17 August 2013

Day 229 : very odd behaviour, indeed!

Today’s the first day of the London Photo Festival pop-up exhibition in Richmond and we’ve gathered to check out the images and have an overdue catchup. And maybe after we’ve had some lunch, we might be able to squeeze in a bit of Richmond environs photography also.

It seems that everyone has plans for later so quickly the photography expedition plan goes out of the window, some of us dodge the rain to get lunch and the remaining four of us find ourselves sharing a chocolate brownie cake.

Somehow the penguins make an appearance again and Spanish JP wants to have a go at a spot of macro. He places one on top of the last vestiges of the gateau remains and tries brandishing, not very successfully, his new lens (courtesy of (AOR). LB puts him out of his misery and lends him one of hers. I attach my close-up filters for a go myself. KR suggests trying to make miniature penguin flipper prints in the cocoa powder sprinkled on the plate. This is way more challenging than you might think! LB then starts photographing us photographing the cake. This may be getting just a little weird!

I look over to some other diners near the window and they are clearly perplexed by our antics. What on earth are we doing? It must indeed look very odd, it seems that three people are photographing some cake crumbs, it would be tricky to explain. So we don’t.


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