Sunday, 25 August 2013

Day 237 : the power of water!

I discovered a colourful little bolt through my close-up filters by the side of the river whilst the tide is out. As I guess the bolt is often underwater hence the interesting patina. Water can make beautiful things, like this, and also be so destructive.

I'm being a little haunted by the power of water at the moment, after flooding my downstairs neighbours’ bathroom, clearly what goes around comes around and my upstairs neighbours’ balcony is leaking again into my lounge. I was woken at 5am this morning by two new leaks dripping or even two new drips, leaking! One has targeted my broadband router by the window, which is probably not entirely waterproof. And the other found a new more noticeable place in my ceiling to attack. I had just sleepily put a bowl underneath to catch the occasional drip when I thought I could see the drips getting faster. And then whoosh, possibly the entire balcony full of rainwater poured in through my ceiling in an impromptu waterfall. That certainly woke me up and also, added a new hole in my ceiling. What joy!


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