Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Day 225 : a spot of red

Again I've grabbed my camera and have gone in search of creative succour. I've nipped out to the ’garden’ we share with the others in our building. It’s a weird little soulless place, a couple of benches, a dry fountain, some dying roses, a curious Teletubbies style grassy mound dotted with a couple of daisies and other wilted flowers.

A couple of my colleagues are having their lunch, it’s a little oasis of outside space, occasionally a small patch of blue sky above but other than that it's rather desolate. Seeing my camera they point at the sad looking flowers on the mound but I can't really get enthusiastic. I check out the roses, they really are at the point of no return so I move on.

Finally I resort to peering at the not very well kept shrubs. Perhaps I can discover a jewel-winged butterfly, a shiny ladybird, a spider busily weaving a web or something occurring. But there seems to be nothing. One of the shrubs has a handful of baby red leaves, a striking counterpoint to the sea of green.


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