Sunday, 18 August 2013

Day 230 : a swinging piñata

EM is still celebrating her 30th birthday, but then why not? I think if you can stretch your 30th year celebrations over several weeks and several countries, then you absolutely should! This party has a Forever Young mixed with “Latin tings” theme. EM showcasing her Irish and Spanish roots has organised an exotic cocktail of an evening, with Guinness, Champagne, piquant sausages, Ibiza vibe tunes and a Piñata. She's rather fallen for the Piñata though, it’s the eyes apparently!

When the revellers start trying to hit the donkey with a stick, it has other ideas and keeps fallen from the roof of the marquee. But with much perseverance the piñata is reattached, and the thwacking continues. Whilst EM is replenishing her guests’ drinks again (you are certainly not wanting of lavish hospitality Chez M-R) one of her friends, exasperated by the every plummeting donkey smashes its poor head on the floor releasing the sweets and party-poppers! RIP piñata!


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