Thursday, 29 August 2013

Day 241 : bunting and bags!

If I catch a tube (or two) home rather than the train, I board a bus to drop me off near Holborn station. Most of the buses stop round the corner from the station but there's a small piazza you can walk through to get closer. This is the boutique and eateries lined Sicilian Way and currently it’s festooned in vivid coloured bunting. I'm not sure why, what the occasion is, or just because but I rather like it strung from the buildings and classical columns at one end. I'm here unusually much earlier in the day than my normal going home time, as I've been meaning to try and get here whilst R.G.Lewis is open. R.G.Lewis is a purveyor of fine Leica goodies, and I've been hankering to have a little poke around and check out what they have.

There is something I'd particularly like to have a look at. I have a lovely vintage Leitz leather case to house my little Leica baby that I bought in B&H in New York, but it’s a tad tight with the newer EVF and conversely it's much wider than it needs to be (I suspect it was designed for the larger M7). The problem with its size is that as I always have it with me in my bag, and it can take up a lot of room.

I got to try out one of the Leica neoprene cases, still too big but easily accommodates the EVF, has the added bonus of also allowing me to keep my tiny Manfrotto tripod permanently attached - which was always the intention, and will squash down in my bag. I'm not super crazy about Velcro but the convenience wins me over. New case secured, time to grab some lunch and get back to the office.


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