Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Day 218 : bang, boom, bang!

I've taken a different route home and stopped off to grab a few items for my fridge. There's quite a crowd milling around and I can clearly discern a lot of banging and crashing, maybe drumming. I can't see where it's coming from though. It seems way too late for a parade, I look around for a troupe of orange-clad Hare Krishna but no, just the odd bus.

I crossed over to the tube, the banging got louder, not late evening roadwork banging but definitely drumming and possibly a cymbal. It seems very incongruous. There's a small crowd of people stood to the side of the entrance to the tube. They're brandishing iPhones in the direction of the noise. And then I see him, a busker, with a full drum kit plus an upturned empty water cooler bottle, going hell for leather on his skins.

This seems a lot of commitment for a busker and I'm intrigued how he shipped his drum kit and a couple of amps to this spot. It can't really have been on the tube can it? I'm assuming he has some roadies at his disposal, and/or a van. It is rather intriguing but just another example of what makes the city so vibrant!


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