Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Day 8 : the early bird catches the pink

A quick glance out of the window to check the weather as I was leaving this morning made me say “wow!” Luckily I figured I could fire off a couple of shots at my higher vantage point before leaving and seeing what other angles might work on the short walk to the bus stop. Even in those few minutes the vibrancy was diminishing and by the time the bus had travelled a mere one stop to Richmond Bridge, where I hoped the twinkling Thames against this stunning backdrop might form a striking vista - all gone! The pink had been entirely replaced by dark purpley/grey streaks against the still blue sky. There were little glimpses of the rising sun peeping through the clouds, around buildings and trees leaving oranges, yellows and gold in its wake but it seems the pinks were just a special treat for the early birds!


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