Friday, 11 January 2013

Day 11 : Chelsea green

I figured I'd capture a tube station shot from Sloane Square as I've always thought the red, the blue and the sage green was a striking and retro combination. I couldn't manage to get here on Wednesday, and also make it home without having to resort to night buses (which I endeavour never to resort to) so tonight I built in a trip here en route home complete with photography time.

The station stands out from many of its neighbours, it's the last westbound tube station with tiled walls and it has the original roundels not just the big white squares now so common. It unusually has escalators from platform up to the street level whisking shoppers up towards the bright lights of Peter Jones and King’s Road. And the whole look has an elegant fifties glamour which is so very apt for the gateway to Chelsea!

If I hadn't already taken the shot at Mansion House on Wednesday I would be focusing on the original station signage with its chunky brass rims but I don’t want to take the same photo again so needed another angle. I have spotted the vibrant red painted doors on the platform against the green previously and figured that could work but they've since repainted them and the green on green wasn't so interesting. However in lieu of the wooden doors I thought the fire extinguishers made their own statement.


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