Saturday, 12 January 2013

Day 12 ; back to the future

Despite the celebrations of the inauguration of the Bakerloo line some parts of the tube network are much shinier than others. Westminster tube station had been another cut and cover station on the District line but when the Jubilee line extension decided to change plans and connect Waterloo to the burgeoning Canary Wharf Westminster was thrust on to the list for a major revamp. The resultant tube station is a monument to sleek concrete lines, stacked banks of escalators and shiny steel supports.
I remember when I first travelled through both here and Canary Wharf I was rather perplexed at the design but now I love these homages to Metropolis and Blade Runner, these industrial, cavernous cathedrals of commuting.
High-dynamic black and white seemed the most appropriate medium to capture this futurist station.

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