Friday, 25 January 2013

Day 25 : Stairway to...

...the stars? ...heaven? or merely the DLR! Another much passed part of the London transport network on my daily travails. In the morning it blends into the general cacophony of the morning commute but in the evening with it’s vivid colour scheme and oh so bright lights I often think maybe there’s something more at the tops of those escalators. It looks like something off a game show with “big money prizes” if you win. I'm fairly confident that it’s just the Tower Gateway entrance to the DLR but if it just wasn’t so in the wrong direction for me to get home I’d be a little tempted to check.

The DLR does seem to have some sort of allure. It's astonishing how many people try to get the front seats of the driverless train as you have the best view and secretly can pretend to be driving. It's slightly reminiscent to a Disneyland monorail or something out of a futuristic 60's sci fi movie as you zip along seemingly in the sky. When they believed we’d all be zooming around courtesy of our jetpacks by now. Maybe this stairway leading you up is gateway to the future!


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