Saturday, 26 January 2013

Day 26 : emergency roses

Today I wasn't very inspired photographically, I was out and about with my camera, which is definitely a good start, but the only things that really caught my eye were the bunches of rather sad roses. And I do like to photograph a flower. These sort of roses, however, that might be "I'm sorry I was late for our date night", "oops it was your birthday yesterday wasn't it?", "I need a bit of cheering up as I grab the oven-ready meal for my supper" or "I wanted to show how much you care but the florist was shut!"

I'm sure my local corner shop convenience store wouldn't be very happy I characterised their flowers as "sad" as they used to actually own a florist and still like to keep their arm in by supplying emergency flowers for those last-minute floral Elastoplasts! But these flowers do have to contend with a busy road spewing their fumes over their delicate petals so they're trying their best.


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