Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Day 1 of 365 - starting optimistically!

Whenever I hear of other 365 projects I'm in awe of the requisite commitment. When I followed the way of the Photo Mojo Motivator last year, I can say 'last year' now, I struggled with a fortnight of expressing myself photographically every day. And anyone who actually follows either of my blogs is well aware of my inertia with regards to blogging for so many, many months. I'm still eating and my camera is always close by so the only excuse I can proffer for my continued delinquency is lack of creative wherewithal due to the distraction of “other stuff” getting in the way to write some bon mots to accompany the day’s visual offering.

Well it's only day 1 so I really should be able to conjure up something. It seemed appropriate for the first day of 2013 to capture the tangle of the winter trees just outside my front door against an optimistic blue sky, a sign of good things ahead I hope.


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