Saturday, 5 January 2013

Day 5 : just a tiny bit gothic!

I can't recall when I first decided that my lounge needed a bit of bling in the form of a Swarovski crystal encrusted skull. I remember reading a couple of articles about Damien Hirst’s For the Love of God art piece worth a mere £50 million or so, possibly it was around that tine U opted to furnish myself with this head. Damien’s skull was real, or at least the teeth were, and then he’d smothered his in the finest diamonds including a fair monster in the middle of his skull’s forehead. Despite Damien’s being considerably more authentic, I preferred the teeth on mine looking more like comedy dentures than his too real, less than perfect gnashers.

As it sits next to my television it is frequently in my eye line and I enjoy the effect the various lights have on all the little facets dotted across those enviable cheekbones. I know if I admit that a skull is perched on a black hatbox between my television and my fireplace people have sudden images of an austere gothic tableau but really, this one is way too kitsch to be seen as thus (Damien’s might be however!). And who wouldn’t just love this curiously Cheshire Cat grin sparkling incongruously just randomly there.

When I'd decided I wanted a close up for my daily picture I could finally christen my little vintage Leica table-top tripod. I have my trusty gorilla pod as my ’baby’ tripod but I sometimes find than even my svelte camera can put a little too much pressure on the three legs if not wrapping them around something.


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