Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day 2 : red sky in the morning

So day 2 arrives and a peach of a sunrise to show for it. Okay a little samey after yesterday but you have to go with the flow. I couldn’t locate any nearby shepherds to warn but I suspect these days they rely on a weather app to alert them to inclement weather rather than cows sitting down or a fiery sky at sunrise.

This was taken from a speeding bus hurtling across Richmond Bridge propelling me towards the first commute of the year. If I could have got off the bus and composed better I would have loved the opportunity but time and buses wait for no-one and my real job has to take precedence, sadly! Assuming I wasn’t a slave to a rapidly ticking clock and I had disembarked and walked back to the bridge, I suspect the sunrise would have sneakily petered away to nothing and an early morning sun-kissed River Thames might have been possible but you can never predict whatmise-en-scène would have been awaiting me.

I was discussing the brave decision to try some sort of 365 day project– “some sort” will probably be very appropriate term here! They asked if I had a theme and it got me thinking – is it better to just shoot what takes my fancy on a particular day or does a defined goal help focus the photographer’s mind? I am not sure what the answer is but as I have accidentally fallen in to a theme within two days of the mammoth undertaking I figured I may opt for a series of little theme-lets and see if that leads to cohesion or chaos. So I guess I will be peering skywards tomorrow orscrutinising trees and their foliage.


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