Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Day 23 : N' icicles

There's still a couple of things left on my shopping list of winter scenes to shoot. Snowman, icicles, footprints/tracks in the snow and abstract ice patterns. Maybe I will discover an igloo or somehow be able to capture a single snowflake. Hmmm, I think I better aim for a snowman. My neighbours a few doors away built a promising example. Sadly my initial picture was taken much too late at night, the colours were decidedly odd. When I tried a second time, the snow on the paved garden had all melted making the whole image look rather sad. Even sadder than John Lewis’ Christmas snowman advert.

But the melting and refreezing that had occurred okay created the happy accident of one of my other must-have shots.

Standing on the mainline station platform this morning I glanced at the departing rear of a tube snaking out of the station, under the railway bridge and eating up the glistening silver tracks beyond. And I noticed distinctive icicles hanging from underneath the railway bridge. Oooh I might be able to get a shot if I'm quick. First a glance at the departure board to calculate if I have time to dash to the end of the platform, compose, fire a few shots and then back to the platform edge to board the fast train to work. I figure I have...just.

I made it but in my haste I didn't spot I'd caught the mode wheel on my camera and thus caused the colours to be a little off and somewhat desaturated. I could have probably fixed it in Lightroom as I always shoot in RAW but editing time was against me. However at least I got my icicles, and in the nick of time. When I checked again on the way home, not the tiniest icy spike could be seen so I couldn't retake.


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