Monday, 28 January 2013

Day 28 : another day, another tube station

The 150th anniversary of The London Underground system had originally prompted me to feature the rich architectural details and iconic branding in my daily photographic blogging. But as I seem to find myself in a tube station late at night and luckily they’re well lit, the continue to provide a fruitful source of inspiration.

To mix it up a bit, if I don't spy a through tube I will break up the journey by changing at a new station and giving me some additional material. Tonight I opted to visit Blackfriars. This used to be my daily destination but now I work further east and I'd been intrigued to visit since the huge renovation. It is now more open with the brushed steel that is springing up in all the newly refurbished stations.

I staked out the escalator, deadline my next train home. I was rather taken by the reflection from the overhead lights casting a chevron effect or sergeant stripes on the escalator.


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