Monday, 14 January 2013

Day 14 : careful what you wish for...

Yesterday I was hankering after the much promised snow and overnight we had a delivery. Really not much, just to cover everything in a thin, white veneer. But when I left this morning it was still completely dark and I really couldn't get inspiration from snowy leaves in the harsh orange glow of the tungsten street lights. I'd been wondering last night if any of the local holly had clung onto its berries and peering into the gloom I think I'd found some obliging sprigs.

Well a plan in place of sorts, so off to enjoy the daily commute, Monday morning always being extra special! The merest dusting on the tracks caused the train to be a few minutes late, not many, not even five. But these few minutes allowed more people to squeeze onto the platform thus making it impossible to get on the “fast” train unless perhaps if you were wearing a customised spiky elbowed jacket...I wasn't! The next train slightly less packed but a “slow” train or as they prefer “all stations”, slow not being a positive word when promoting a transport service. Their couple of minutes supposedly precipitated by the advertised “extreme weather conditions” added 25 minutes to my amongst morning commute. Grrrr! I could see tantalising possibly abstract shots of station accoutrements all coated in the perfect frosty layer coating but so out of reach. Ah well, I figured I could see if there were some photogenic opportunities near the office at lunchtime or perhaps I could try agin on the way home when I wouldn't be so time pressured and have a Monday morning meeting eagerly awaiting my attendance.

But the snow hadn’t touched the environs of the office. There were some promising fat, fluffy snowflakes falling for a while but they went the way of so many snowflakes and disappeared on contact.

Before I left the office I thought I'd capture a little piece of art on my desk. Quite a few of us have different coloured ’Thinking Putty’ about their desk, maybe as a stress reliever (pummelling it and pulling it apart is ever so soothing), or occasionally in my case I mould it into designs which gravity takes over making it look like liquid silver has been poured over my desk. It is not my finest work but seemed apt with all the talk of snow today.

On arrival at home ever tiny vestige of the morning snowfall had dissipated. It was a good job I went for a more abstract snowflake instead!


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