Sunday, 6 January 2013

Day 6 : skulduggery!

I recall, not so long ago, that I entirely eschewed skull motifs and skull jewellery considering them a gothic step too far. I'd already got my nails painted black which is possibly only three degrees of separation from witchcraft or something and if I added skulls then I'd fall over the cliff into an emo goth abyss never to experience “hot pink” again. But then skulls were suddenly everywhere you looked. Possibly one of the main perpetrators was Alexander McQueen, he scattered them across the catwalk (especially knuckle duster clutch bags and skarves) and then they just mushroomed everywhere. The first time I laid eyes on this impressive filigree skull ring I was in Harvey Nix and this ones crystal encrusted teeth really took the wind out of the gothic sails and I was instantly smitten. Very persuaded by the wonderful T, I added this McQueen loveliness to my jewellery collection and in hasten to say it spawned a few other pieces and maybe a couple of scarves.

Here I've given the ring a suitably hard edge by placing it little box lined with a vibrant punchy pink and created some dramatic highlights by shining an iPhone flashlight on the proceedings. Sadly Alexander McQueen is no longer with us but his avant garde legacy, especially those skulls, very much live.


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