Monday, 29 June 2015

Day 180: showstopper tiara fabulousness

The Masterpiece Fair is an annual showcase of art, antiques and design...and stunning shiny things. I've been lucky enough to receive an invitation by Theo Fennell for myself and a guest again. Last year I was here with EM, due to a mistake on the tickets were had inadvertently turned up on the charity night. The ticket implied it was a normal night and we'd rushed to Chelsea in the pouring rain so be turned away. When I showed the ticket we were told we could return later. We retired to an 'old man's pub' for a restorative drink before boarding the golf cart back to the huge marquee. The marquee always looks very impressive, the outside is adorned with a faux neoclassical frontage, more decorative than a plain white tent. This year hop-a-long EM can't join me as she's still recovering from her broken foot and recent bone graft to repair it, so my sparkly partner in crime is sadly absent.

I have my bags checked, and have to pop some jewellery I have in my bag in their safe, just in case there's any dispute when I have my bags checked again on leaving. I had plenty to explore but headed first to check out my 'host' Theo Fennell stand. Sadly I missed Theo himself, as he and some his fellow designers were regaling guests with stories.

I was able to scrutinise the awe inspiring fantasy pieces created for the show. One if the craftsmen was there when I arrived, so he talked me some of his exquisite work. We had to examine it through a magnifying glass, and one with a huge magnification too. There was a ring with a rainbow embedded in a crystal dome that opens revealing a diminutive pot of gold. The exterior of the ring is entirely counted with the finest of etched blossom, really beautiful work. I'm well overdue a visit to Theo Fennell workshop, situated over the store at Brompton Cross. I really must schedule a time and enjoy more of this craftsmanship.

There seems to be some crazy showpiece every year and this time it was the 114 carat 'symbolic' yellow diamond which was mounted in a special sealed case, flanked by security guards and yet still roped off so you had to admire from afar.

But my favourite was this showstopper of a diamond tiara. I was peering into the case admiring the intricate work. The delicate diamond encrusted blooms are sprung, so delightfully shiver with every moment. The elegant grand dame stood admiring it next to me asked me when I'd wear it if it were mine. I replied "as often as possible!" She smiled but suggested taking it off for bed. I think that's a top tip there and one I'll bear in mind should I ever have the pleasure of owning such a piece!

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