Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Day 160: peek-a-boo

So after my beloved baby Leica's near-death experience yesterday, today I thought I'd give it a restorative treat, a lens cosy. Though as it arrived in the post today, I'd obviously purchased it before the "incident". I've always liked the fact that as my lens cap is tethered to the camera, unlike many other photographers I know, I'm not constantly searching for where the safe place was I put lens cap. But there is a downside, a dangling lens caps is most susceptible to being buffeted by the wind. And especially when I've attached my camera to a tripod in a breezy spot, the constant battering of the cap is both noisy, and could possibly be scratching the livescreen.
I'd seen the automatic opening and closing lens cap on the launch of the D-Lux typ 109 at Photokina and had been intrigued. The only niggle was that this meant I couldn't keep a filter on the camera, which I generally tend to do. Like yesterday, there is a chance that the screwed on filter absorbed some of the impact and that's why my camera seems to have survived the fall. However when I was researching tricking out my new replacement Leica with one of these lens caps, I found a third-party one that is deeper and does allow room for a filter. So I thought I'd give it a shot and here it is modelled with my B+W IR daylight filter.
There is a hidden benefit, I rather like the nod to Thunderbirds. Somehow this lens cap reminds me of the swimming pool sliding back on Tracy Island revealing Thunderbird 1, the rocket, in its launch pad. Random I know, but a little retro memory and hopefully a safe camera, is all good!

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