Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Day 174: The latest sunset

The sunsets never get old. Since we moved into this building mid November I've been drawn to the windows when the pinks, oranges and purple streaks begin to appear. Back then I would have to have my camera ready 3.30/4pm, and these days it's closer to 9pm. When I started this project the sun would set directly behind me and I worked out the perfect spot to stand, so I can minimise the reflection from the overhead lights. These evenings the sun sets at 90 degrees to where it set back then so I have to walk to the far end of our building to seek out the view, I have less places to stand on our floor when the sun's at this position, some of the windows have a double layer of baffling which are way to dusty to shoot through. But with sun at this position I can get an excellent view from the balcony if the doors are open. The balcony is glazed at all sides but the two ends have a lower glass barrier so if I get up close I can poke my camera lens the gap between the panels. However, depending what events are happening, you can't always get access to the outdoor space or the picture windows on the 17th floor.

Tonight I remain on the 7th floor and squeeze a photograph from between the curiously angled sticky out bits of the building. At this tight position I have no choice but to have Southwark Cathedral in the foreground and St. Paul's behind. But, it's not a bad view, is it?

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