Saturday, 20 June 2015

Day 171: Architecturally Interesting

Photography Challenges set a challenge themed "Architecturally Interesting (or Unique Structure or Detail)" (Their capitalisation, not mine!) I thought I would enter a photograph I took of The Shard almost slotting into The News Building from earlier this year. This black and white picture above isn’t the exact one I submitted, I’d taken this when I was experimenting with the recently fixed camera to see if the dust spots had finally been eliminated, they hadn’t. But as I’ve already posted the picture below in my 365 photo-a-day blog, I do not wish to repeat myself. Below is the actual image I submitted, I think it does work better with the cornflower blue sky and the striking red of the inside edge of our windows.

I was one day for the first to post my image and amazingly, I won the most votes! I win nothing more than bragging rights, so I thought I'd better do so immediately!


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