Thursday, 4 June 2015

Day 155: facing the paparazzi

I was delighted to be able to witness my fairy goddaughter KK, receive her First Holy Communion. The ceremony was held at her school with eleven of her classmates. We were asked to refrain from taking photographs in the chapel, so the congregation somewhat descended like a flock of paparazzi when we were all outside. KK objected quite strongly to the frantic clicking. I managed to take nearly 150 pictures in the next few hours, but was aiming for a moment captured unaware. This is probably my favourite from the dozen I whittled my collection down to. It was a beautiful day, the weather was fabulous, the dozen girls in their white finery, flowered hair accessories, lacey gloves, tiaras and satin drawstring bags were certainly exuberant. To raise the volume level and excitement just a little higher, a cake studded with macaroons, sugar roses and mixed berries was presented to them. And of course, that just offered me more photographic opportunities for KK to sigh about. Ah the perils of being the centre of attention!


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