Thursday, 18 June 2015

Day 169: the other side of the eye

It has been an odd day, one we've been eagerly anticipating, but one I'm glad is over. It's decision day. Who goes, who stays and where we go. There has been some surprises, shocks even, but it's still business as usual. However somebody opted to flounce off rather than visit a client, consequently I'm there in her place. After the meeting everyone retires for a restorative drink over to The Tattershall Castle. Which transpires not to be a castle but a boat, one permanently moored on the Thames by Embankment tube station.

As the sun sets I wander around the boat to see if I can find a vantage point to capture the London Eye against the pinky tones beginning to streak across the sky. It's not the most dramatic of sunsets, it's rather tepid actually, but the Eye is such an iconic structure and I don't normally get to see it from this angle.


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