Monday, 22 June 2015

Day 173: 2nd RAZ, slightly less random

I carried it around for a couple of days not being inspired as to a good spot to plant it. But eventually I left my second Random act of Zentangle in our buildings shared sitting area/library. I figured if I sat down, in front of the view and read for a while next to one of the typewriter lamps I’d be in prime position. I could place my tangled tile nearby and grab a sneaky photo of it in situ, without hopefully drawing anyone’s attention to it. I am rather fond of this tile; it’s like a little sampler of some of my favourite tangles. And again, just because, I hid a little Bijou snail in the design.

As I stood up, someone spotted my soon to be vacant seat so started to walk over book in hand. Maybe she would find the RAZ, I hope so!

UPDATE: After several people on the Random Act of Zentangle Group Facebook page suggested they would have been tempted to place the tile appearing to come out of the rollers of the typewriter, I thought I would see if my RAZ had been snapped up a few days later. And it hadn’t, so I relocated it as suggested. Figuring this would either will make the RAZ more noticeable or else make it seem part and parcel on the typewriter lamp, and therefore to be left alone. One of my work colleagues mentioned that if she’d been around when I placed it on Monday she would have been hot-footing it up to the 14th floor to snap it up. When it had been there for several days and was still unclaimed; I dropped her a hint to that effect and she did indeed dash upstairs to see if it was still about. She was very pleased that my new positioning hadn’t been rumbled, and could add it to the tiles I have drawn for her previously. It does make me wonder how many RAZs are found and revered as we really hope they will be. Maybe in most cases we’ll never know. But whatever, I am working on a larger Zentangle inspired project at the moment, however once completed, I think I need to start work on a third RAZ and then have to think again for a suitable random place to leave it.






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