Thursday, 11 June 2015

Day 162: be afraid, be very afraid!

To promote the film Jurassic World, Waterloo Station has been overrun by escaped dinosaurs. This has proved to be a magnet for selfie fans, but the audience very much depends on the time of day. On the morning commute there's a few children sat astride a parent's shoulder posing for a photo. On Tuesday there was a very excited boy with a tyrannosaurus head on a stick, where you could squeeze the handle and the toy sharp teeth would chomp together. He and his diminutive dinosaur were being enthusiastically photographed by, I assumed, his parents. I was tempted to capture the joyful image myself but whipping out my camera for unknown children can be misconstrued, so I resisted.

I've discovered that if you're around the station late at night and there are some happy passengers who've possibly consumed alcohol, they do get the urge to wrestle with the giant lizards. There were security stopping people duck under the chain fence around the velociraptors on Monday but as the week progressed they seemed to have relaxed and the scenes have got mor dramatic. I'll happily forgo the selfie, but I'm rather taken by their vibrant amber eyes so opt for the side view.


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