Friday, 12 June 2015

Day 163: desperately seeking umbrellas

The plan was to have some drinks for the multi-brothered J after work. Not his leaving drinks, more just the "last day working in the office" drinks. He's going on gardening leave, so we might not see too much of him, and when we do I suspect he'll be slightly more casual!

I needed to wrap some stuff up before joining them and they were foiling me by seemingly moving from place to place. Our building overlooks their first port of call so I was able to ascertain fairly quickly that they weren't there, or perhaps they were hiding under the tables. Luckily I then received a garbled message that seem to indicate that they'd relocated to another pub. And then another message with another new imbibing location. I didn't recognise their latest drinking hole but fortunately bumped into the J formerly known as ZZ when finally leaving, and he reckoned I would have photographed the umbrella installation at Brew Wharf at some time, so I could perhaps identify it from that. And he was indeed correct. I didn't know what it was called but unsurprisingly I did know the bar with the oft photographed brolly canopy outside. Revellers located!

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