Monday, 8 June 2015

Day 159: Calamity!

This is a great feeling, for the first time for ever, I'm bang up to date with my 365 photo-a-day project and all the blog posts are written and posted. I've commented before that I don't have any difficulties taking the photos, but I often seem to be lagging on the writing part. But as of now, I am current. I have my camera slung around my neck and I'm scouting around for a possible photo for today. But I seem to have exhausted these 300 steps from my front door and the bus stop to take me to the station. There's plenty to see, but I need something new as I've already captured the baby holly leaves, the hawthorn-style bush dotted with white blossom, the sputnik like seed head that transpired to be Fatsia Japonica, the pink or yellow tissue paper petals of rock roses and the creamy white roses in the garden of the last house. The evergreen hedges at the end of the road are often a safe harbour for snails, but are empty today so I will need to cast my net further afield.

With that thought I let my camera fall by my side and wait to cross the road. And then there was a crash and my heart stops. No I haven't been hit by a car, but my beloved Leica has just smashed to the pavement. Somehow it is no longer securely attached to my Gordy leather sling, though my sling is still very much slung around my neck. What has happened is that the attachment connecting sling to camera has been severed. All I can think is why has this happened now, this camera is a mere ten days old. If this had happened a couple of weeks ago that camera was already being sent back to the Leica naughty step in Germany. But no, the shiny new baby has to plummet to near death.

I'm not sure if there will be residual damage. I can see scuffs and scrapes on what was its pristine surface, but let's hope the solid 'German' engineering has saved the day!

Isn't this typical, I start off with a dust magnet for my D-Lux typ 109, and its replacement seems to be some sort of escapologist!


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