Thursday, 26 December 2013

Day 360 : big blue sky

I had to walk around again today and explore those big blue skies. I also had to walk off that amazing Christmas lunch and supper from yesterday, so sky-watching was the perfect excuse! It's very flat in these parts so it's easier to get that expansive vista I was looking for. I wanted to record the dramatic clouds that conveniently were constantly drifting across the sky and giving me something new to shoot at every turn.

I didn't want to just shoot photograph my head, I prefer the silhouette of the trees on the horizon or the telegraph poles bisecting the scene. The light quality is so different here from what I'm used to and as the sun starts to dip below the tree line new colours are merging with the azure blues. On one side of the road, the pinks are starting to bleed in around the trees. But on the other side of the road the ebbing sun is adding golden tones and blinding yellowy streaks merging behind the telegraph wires snaking over the fields.

Luckily there's little traffic on this coastal road so I can criss-cross back and forth each time I spot a new vignette. I end up taking a more than fifty or sixty photographs, I think I got a little drunk on all that sky. I was finally satiated when the sun disappeared entirely and then I could start thinking of food again. Hmmmm...maybe that conversation menu - the Titchwell Manor version of a tasting menu, I’d forgone lunch to give myself a fighting chance!

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