Thursday, 19 December 2013

Day 353 : blue flying saucers and beautiful sounds!

I'm here in this fabulous building listening to the talented City of London Choir accompanied the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra being extraordinarily enthusiastically conducted as they sing us some classic Christmas carols.

Being stuck in horrible traffic in the pouring rain I've arrived late to the Royal Albert Hall and one of my neighbours has snaffled my lyric sheet. I had been unaware that at various points we’d be asked to sing along. Initially I annoy my neighbours by turning up at all as they've intended to keep my seat for their cloakroom. When they harrumph and find a new location for their possessions, I then decide I need to take a picture of this amazing place. Clearly they didn't approve even though there was no clicking to object to (my little Leica always favours stealth mode) and no live view screen to distract them. They did voice their disapproval when I responded to AM’s text about convening at the bar at half time. Again utterly silently! And I'd only got my phone out to find the lyrics for the next carol as they still had my words! Really!

On returning from the interval I speedily posted this photograph to Facebook. So quick, I accidentally tagged the wonderful DD who actually fast asleep in Hong Kong not enjoying the beautiful music and the odd discontented grunts from either one of neighbours! Later the people sat in the row in front of us decided to stay standing after singing, so they had somebody else to turn their disapproval on. Phew!

We got to hear some lovely stuff, we’d thought it was called Shepherds’ Pie but I suspect it was actually the delicate Shepherds’ Farewell. We had the Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker, very Christmassy. And amongst many other classics, a vibrant version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. We were only trusted with the “five gold rings” as we would have spoilt the intricate harmonies.

Despite being in the highest seats, steeply high, I was able to spot AL doing her bit. What I didn't notice however that due to the angle I was sitting that the giant blue Smarties-shaped discs in the ceiling installed for the acoustics had apparently formed a huge ultramarine bottom hovering above us. Still looks splendid though!

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