Monday, 23 December 2013

Day 357 : a robin in the wind

The Christmas break starts today. Well my travelling to my festive destination starts today. I've been reviewing the trains since first light and it doesn't look good. This is my new Christmas tradition it seems, as soon as I'm packed and ready to hit the roads the Great British weather conspires against me. Last year it was eight hours battling to get to Cornwall when floods had laid waste to much of the train track. This years we’ve got super strong winds to contend with all over the country. I leave it a few hours as there’s little joy in hanging around King’s Cross but the time has come to try. As I leave with my bag I spot my little red breasted friend perched on a wall. I have sadly lost my Leica case with the Velcro, the very loud case, so I'm back to my vintage leather one that doesn't really fasten so is luckily much quieter. I'm able to grab a couple of shots of the robin before he flies off and I get back to flying off too. I still have a robin in the snow on my wish list, 2014 maybe!


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