Friday, 6 December 2013

Day 340 : a cat may look at a penguin

One of my long standing friends at a client has just a “tiny” thing for cats. And possibly the most eclectic pieces of the burgeoning collection in her office, is this cat picture. One of her team discovered this find in a charity shop and it's true, its eyes follow you around the room in that spooky way. The picture within a picture seems vaguely Jane Austen like but seems to have Catrina written along the bottom. The cat’s collar has a TC tag, Top Cat perchance. I also get called T-C by some people, but not for Top Cat! There's also random Scrabble tiles, a pine cone and tiny sofa, a bust, a mirror reflecting the room beyond and an ornate bowl of rises and lilies. I'm sure it’s all deeply symbolic, just like the Hans Holbein Ambassadors in the National Gallery. Well a tiny bit like it!

This picture lives in a very corporate US bank, they do sponsor the arts and occasionally have small collections in their reception, but there is very little artwork about the place. What there is is very stylised and this is fantastically out of place in this building. I think it needs a final flourish and that's an ornate rococo gold frame just to seal it permanently as the most incongruous artwork ever to grace these walls.

The cat’s cat loving owner was away so I thought I'd take the opportunity to break their solitude and introduce one of my little rubber penguins into the inner sanctum. And surely a small rubber penguin just adds to the incomprehensible symbology of the whole scene, and possibly puts it all in context.


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