Sunday, 22 December 2013

Day 356 : it’s a wonderful life!

There’s a special treat today, some old friends have invited me for a festive showing of It’s a Wonderful Life just off Leicester Square. I haven't see the lovely A and P for maybe eight years. They now have two boys (L and G) and when I last saw them they had one tiny baby. We’re due to meet by the entrance to the M&M store. I mustn't have been here for ages as it all looks different and I didn't know there was even an M&M store in these here parts. I have a hankering for some black peanut M&Ms and manage to procure some, despite the rather frightening crowds.

I've manage to arrive early (which is a rare and pleasant surprise) and am intrigued that somehow a little fairground has sprung up in Leicester Square. It looks like there’s barely room for all those rides amongst those trees but here they are. I try a few panning shots but suspect it would look more interesting against a night sky.

We enjoy some pasta, and the grownups catch up whilst the boys play with the rubber animals I brought along, I wasn't able to find any of my beloved penguins but instead procured a polar bear, lion, elephant, crocodile, rhino, monkey and hybrid leopard/tiger...leoger... tipard...tigopard...

It’s time for the movie, we pack everything up and head over. A had opted for some last minute Christmas shopping instead so P and I round up the boys, huge bags of popcorn and grab some front row seats. I was terribly impressed how enraptured L and his younger brother G were by the movie. No colour, no action scenes, explosions, car chases, cartoons, just a classic feel-good tear-jerking movie.

It’s dark when we reemerge. We meet up with A who's been thwarted by Sunday trading hours and walk past the queues for the next showing. We’ve already espied several elves buying snacks, the entire cast of the Wizard of Oz milling around and cinema-goers in 40’s garb filing into our movie. We’re fascinated to know what film-themed outfits we’ll see next. Though it transpires that there isn’t an accepted style for Love Actually or at least not a discernible one, everyone is just wrapped up warmly.

As I hoped the carousel looked much more vibrant with the dark sky as contrast. The twinkly lights entwined in the tree branches are much more noticeable and the big wheel in the background now really stands out. I take my photographs and then we look to find if there's any room at the inn... It's been a wonderful day!


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