Monday, 2 December 2013

Day 336 : (not) tweeting about leaves

I was wondering whether it’s possible to maintain my daily photo blog if it was on Twitter. And if I did I guess I'd have to stop typing now...

But then I'm not sure I could say much about the photograph or have any of the wild flights of fancy I seem to end up going on. And if I was being strict, there wouldn't be enough characters to post the actual photo itself. So the whole point would be lost really. But maintaining this blog is very time consuming, the daily photography I can cope with but the writing up afterwards is more challenging so I thought brevity might be the key. But then thinking again, trying to confine what I want to say to 140 is a challenge in itself. Sadly I'm no Stephen Fry but here goes...

Most leaves have left their home branches and accumulated in crunchy piles on the pavement. A stray red leaf is held aloft on a nearby bush.

Okay that was remarkably tricky, that's really not a lot of characters and I normally seem to feel the need to say so much more. Rightly or wrongly I want to record my inspiration. Today it was my red radar again, my “redar”, that drew me to the image. The vivid Autumnal tinged with orange red against the deep, dark green of the imposing bush was what caught my eye.

If I were tweeting this curious missive, I would have used a mere ten tweets to write pretty much nothing. Some might say that such is the definition of tweeting!


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