Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Day 358 : I can see the sea

I'm not quite as close to the sea as I was last year, there's a small road and a bird deserve in the way, but I can see it from my room. I had every intention today of walking onto the beach parallel to Titchwell Manor and exploring the coast further. But even though it’s a clear, beautiful but crisp day, the paths down to the beach have been severely disarrayed by the recent storms. Notwithstanding last night. This lovely manor house was properly shook about in the wee small hours, the noise was quite alarming, I initially thought the couple in the room above me might be engaging in vigorous activity but actually I believe it was all the work of the wind.

Every time I return to these parts I marvel at the skies. Being a city girl I’m used to looking up and seeing tall buildings and generally not much sky. Here the skies seem to go on for ever. Today I've opted to train my camera towards the sea throughout the day.

In the morning, the Titchwell Manor itself and the chimneys casts a shadow on the field opposite. The shadows get longer and then the scene is just reduced to stripes. As the sun sets the black and white birds nestling in the field earlier in day are flying up I to the air. As the light fades maybe fly higher, form v-shapes in formation fly overhead further inland. I assume to return again the following day.


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