Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Day 345 : where's the view gone?

And again I'm drawn to the view outside, and that's mainly because I can barely see it. There's not an iota of colour in this monochrome morning. The fog has descended and I can barely see the tree line. How entirely different from the last couple of mornings. It's as if a different season has arrived overnight. I've really enjoyed these few mornings of having the time to derive succour from watching the ever changing scene outside. Even if today, there's nothing much to look at. It's been a joy, so calming!

Normally I have other distractions, trying not to forget anything, locating a particular scarf or piece of jewellery that I just have to have for the day. Are my phones charged, do I have them in my handbag? My iPad and my Leica, are they safely stowed in my larger bag? Do I need an umbrella or raincoat? Is it cold enough for a hat? Too many decisions for a non-morning person, but somehow I manage it on a daily basis.

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