Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Day 338 : seeing triangles

I'm on my way up the escalators at Westminster and the majesty of the place always gets my shutter finger twitching. As I glance to my left, I rather like the scalene triangle produced by the escalator rail bisect the concrete ceiling and the smooth elliptical column. It forms a window on the top of the escalator on the level below. I get to the summit of the escalator, my tube is there on the platform but I'm probably 30 seconds too slow. Ah well, I'm not in a massive rush and I could descend again and try to get that photograph. So to the puzzlement of my fellow passengers I did just that, going up and down repeatedly on the escalators until I had the shot I desired. I wanted not too many passengers, but on the other hand not an empty escalator, this lone man fit the bill perfectly. And then I caught my next tube home.

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