Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Day 351 : watercolour of Oxford Street

I've headed for the West End after the little staff party. It was in a very hot pub, so I escaped for some retail therapy. Luckily I had discovered the store I'd set my sights on was opened until 10pm so I figured I could swoop in, procure some sparkly bits without the scary crowds.

And then mission accomplished, I thought I might have another shot at the Christmas lights. My poor little camera was being deluged by the now quite fierce rain. I've struck the umbrella but the tiny lens on my camera doesn't need much to drown it. I thought I'd have a go anyway as I do like the refraction a few raindrops can produce. I could see quite quickly the effect of the errant raindrops was that of an impressionist painting. The rain was blurring the lines and turning the whole scene into a watercolour. I was delighted when I downloaded the image that I hadn't imagined it, it looked like a traditional Christmas card. Hmmm that gives me an idea. I'm going to select some festive images and get those lovely people at www.moo.com to rush them to me. They'll not make it for Christmas Day in the post, but maybe they'll arrive this year...just!


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