Sunday, 8 December 2013

Day 341 : bathing in a rainbow

This week’s Frui Friday theme is “Colour”. We missed having a theme last week due to KJ being on holiday. Though I'm fairly confident after the many sore heads after the Christmas party last Wednesday, the theme would have been “hangover”.

I reviewed my entire portfolio, I have a huge plethora of colour shots to choose from as me and my camera are drawn to the vibrant. I was considering the punchy poppy against the deep azure blue of the sky. Or a brilliant pinky, orangey, red, golden, ochre sunset or sunrise. Maybe a vivid pink of a rose, a bright yellow sunflower or acres of bluebells. The verdant green of leaves in the sunshine or the orange Autumnal leaves juxtaposed against the cornflower sky.

I had so many to choose from but finally opted for a special time last year, on the eve of my birthday at the closing ceremony of the Paralympics. This is the only time I've been literally bathed in a rainbow, my ears full of music, singing, cheering and applause. My eyes could barely take in all the acrobatic activity below, the bursting fireworks above, the flag waving all throughout the stadium. The waves of colours swept over us all time and time again, it was so special, so beautiful and I was so lucky to be there drinking it all in, drowning in the rivers of colour.


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