Friday, 13 December 2013

Day 347 : view from the front

It seems to have turned into a bit of a project, the view from my front window. Really it’s the perfect photography location for someone who's not too fond of traipsing about too far. I'd been looking for a place I could constantly revisit in different seasons, weather conditions and times of the day. I'd scouted around and seemingly accidentally found the one on my doorstep. Or actually not even as far as my doorstep as I only have to fling open my sash window to reach the spot and lean out as far as I can to get clearance from the deep cornicing around the windows.

It's normally the sunrise that draws me to it, and occasionally a sunset. Some times the sky is criss-crossed with the vapour trails of the nearby planes arriving from or departing to more exotic climes. One morning I rushed to the window when I realised that for a moment, I lived in Narnia. On another night the rain splattered window gave me an idea. Mostly it's the pinks, the reds and oranges but one time is was the shades of grey of a scene shrouded in fog. Or it could just me a huge sky that has compelled me to grab my camera, I do love a sky.

I'm lucky that due to how Henry Little developed the area after he brought some of the grounds old Cambridge Park House back in the 1870’s, that I'm not overlooked. He decided to include tennis lawns and gardens in his plan so as a respite after a hard day developing new homes for bankers, business men and other professionals who wanted to live in outer London, he had a handy spot to whack a few balls around. Nowadays there's a lot less tennis as in 1920 the lawns were relaid for another pastime that needs balls, harder ones and normally called bowls. I do love the fact I don't have to compete with the roofs of facing houses for the view, I just have a few trees and all that lovely sky.

I have a burgeoning collection of these views from the front so I've picked twenty four of my favourites and made a little montage.


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