Friday, 29 May 2015

Day 149: newborn Leica

So as much as I love my camera it has proved itself to be a bit of mucky pup. It not only has suffered from dust on the sensor but after each clean, the problem has actually worsened. And considering my camera doesn't have interchangeable lenses, dust on the sensor is actually quite a rare occurrence. I was delighted when Leica felt my camera should be exchanged for a new one, and mine be sent back to Germany to the Leica naughty step for a serious talking to.

So I box mine up and head back to Red Dot Cameras and avail myself of a shiny new one. There really is a special moment when you open the box first time to reveal your newborn Leica. I have taken mine out of the little bag so it can pose for its first portrait. I can almost see the allure of the unboxing videos you see on YouTube.

I'm positive my issue with the previous one was an aberration, so let the new dust-filled adventures begin.


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