Friday, 22 May 2015

Day 142: a greener Shard

For some curious reason since working almost next door I have only tripped over to the market to grab lunch on a handful of occasions. And often it's a Friday that the thought occurs, and of course that's the busiest day. Well weekday anyway, as Saturday used to be like the Waterloo and City line in rush hour but with nicer smells. I haven't headed to this neck of woods on a weekend for a seriously long time, so I don't know if it's quieter or even more rammed now. But Friday can still bring a lot of visitors shuffling slowly from stall to stall and I have my eye on the prize in the shape of fabulous fresh truffles tortellini courtesy of the Italian pasta stall. As I approach the glass entrance to Borough Market where the live demonstrations take place, I was struck by the reflection of the Shard behind me mingling with the greenery on the inside of the glass-fronted seating area. Yep it's that pointy building again.

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